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Please check the schedule 1 hour before class time to see the status of the class.  Updates will also be listed on our Nova Yoga Facebook Page.


Important Reminders:
  1. Please check calendar for studio closures & up to date information.
  2. Book a class with Mindbody Online! If you book into a class via Mindbody Online your spot in the class will be held until 5 minutes before the class begins; after that time the spot will have to be opened up to someone else.  If you will not be attending the class please cancel your booking 30 minutes in advance (via Mindbody Online or via phone at 743-8303).  If you do not cancel your booking 30 minutes in advance and you are not present we will have to consider you a no show and your Yoga Class Pass will be charged.  Three no shows will result in a loss of advanced online booking privileges.
  3. Classes start promptly so please respect your fellow yogis by being on time; the door will be locked once class begins and no latecomers will be permitted.
  4. The studio will only be accessible 15 minutes before your class begins.
  5. Please note that Nova Yoga Studio is a Scent-Free Zone.
  6. If you are ill with a cold or the flu please respect your fellow yogis and teachers by not attending classes at the studio.




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Peace Flow

A delicious low-key, candle-lit flow class focused on restoring peace and chilling out! We’ll begin with a guided meditation, move through a short standing flow, and then take it down to the mat for those lots of juicy stretching, lengthening, pranayama, and relaxation. Option to bring a small blanket and/or eye pillow for savasana/relaxation.
All levels


Yin Yoga

Create space and ease with long held floor postures that relax the muscles and target the deep connective tissues of the body. Yin yoga is a grounding and meditative practice, and a beautiful way to balance an active life or Yang-style yoga practice.  Suitable for all levels.
All levels


Restore Your Bliss!

Nourish your body, mind, and heart with this peaceful, nurturing Restorative Yoga practice. Using the support of bolsters, blocks and blankets we melt away tension and cultivate ease. This yoga of non-doing, of just being, helps connect you to your wellspring of inner joy.
Please bring: an eye cover (eye pillow or face cloth) and light blanket
All levels


Alignment Flow

Alignment Flow is open to those wanting a slower paced vinyasa class or those who wish to reconnect with the fundamentals of alignment and flow style yoga. Learn and refine key actions for a safe and effective yoga practice while breaking down poses into their component parts. This alignment-based class will focus on what your mind, body, and heart need in order to master your strength, refine your sensitivity and increase your capacity to enjoy life.
All levels


Classic Flow

A moderately-paced flow class to help you feel centered, focused, and restored. In this practice we will work to create cleansing heat in the body and increase strength and flexibility. Suitable for people looking for a well-rounded flow class, including those who are new to yoga.
Level 1



The best of both worlds!  Enjoy the sweetness of your Yin practice followed by an energizing Yang flow to prepare you for your day.
Level 1-2


Neurogenic Yoga

Neurogenic Yoga is a revolutionary new technique in trauma healing and stress reduction. It is an integrative method that combines yoga asana and pranayama with Neurogenic tremors.

Neurogenic tremors in humans also known as Self Induced Therapeutic Tremors) much the same as the instinctual tremors in animals, are the nervous systems way of discharging long-held tension and trauma or unconscious muscle contraction in order to restore the body to wholeness.

During a typical Neurogenic Yoga practice a combination of gentle yoga postures and breath techniques are utilized to evoke a trembling response from the deep core muscles. Involuntary shaking then reverberates throughout the entire body traveling along the spine releasing deep chronic tension from the sacrum to the cranium.

Benefits include:

Release of chronic tension and increase of energy and stamina
Discharge of buried emotional and physical trauma
Freedom from symptoms of sciatica and fibromyalgia
Decrease of aches and pains
Improved sleep
Improved circulation
Improved mood
Improved sense of feeling grounded and focused
Improved flexibility

All levels


Deep Chill Vinyasa

A bit of Yin, a bit of Yang: who doesn’t love balance?!  We’ll begin by warming the body with some delicious movement and flow, then we’ll take it to the mat for juicy stretches and longer holds.  An extended savasana (relaxation) will close out the practice, allowing you to float off your mat and into your evening!
Level 1-2


Lunch Flow

A great to way rejuvenate in the middle of your day! In this shorter flow class you will work to shake off stress, boost energy, and find centre before heading out into the rest of your day.
Level 1-2


Happy Hour Flow

An awesome addition to your day: sweat it out, let it go, and come on, get happy!
Level 1-2


Mixed Flow

A great blend of the Classic and Dynamic flow classes to help you fell rejuvenated and refreshed.  This is a moderately-paced flow class with small bursts of increased pace and slightly more challenging poses to strengthen, ground, and focus the self.  Suitable for anyone looking to experience a multi-level class.
Level 2


Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

Based on the teachings of Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, this Flow class will focus on connecting to our core and building inner strength.

Sadie says of this style that she created: “Out of my journey into deep Center came my Core Principles, ways to clarify what the core is, exactly how to instruct it and activate the core within the yoga practice. To help students experience their Center, I created my Core Poses, specific movements, postures and sequences that bring the student into more core-generated alignment.”
Level 2-3


Dynamic Flow

This invigorating and energetic practice creates cleansing heat in the body and improves strength, stamina, and focus. This powerful and creative flow moves at a faster pace and leaves you feeling alive and revived. Suitable for people looking for a deeper, more challenging yoga practice.
Level 3

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is THE yoga of awareness that aims to strengthen your nervous system, glandular system and immune systems as it works to push you past all your minds limitations. It’s purpose is to train you to feel a deep calm within you as a huge storm whirls around you. It ignites the fire within you by tapping into your infinite potential and infinite power. ‘Kundalini‘ is known as the untapped energy at the base of the spine that can be awakened by drawing up the energy through the 7 chakras energy sources located along the spine. Kundalini energy is often referred to a snake coiled under your Root chakra that moves up through and circles around the chakras until it reaches enlightened up at the Crown.
All levels


Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga is a great way to connect with your growing, ever changing body and adapt to the various stages during your pregnancy. You will be guided through several yoga postures that have been altered to support your blossoming body and be taught many different breathing techniques that will be useful tools to have while you are going through labour. You will be in a safe and supportive environment that will help you to :
-gently open your hips
-strengthen your pelvic muscles and legs
-open your heart
-calm your breath and your mind
-expand your knowledge for pain techniques during labour
-align your body as it goes through many different transformations
-help process  and make sense of all the hormonal activity you will experience during pregnancy
-improve your circulation as you will be using your blood supply to support the growth of your baby.
Most importantly, prenatal yoga invites you into a deeper relationship with your precious baby as he/she receives all the positive energy, unconditional love and intimate connection that this special yoga class creates within you and around you. It will also be a great opportunity to meet with other expectant Mamas in your community and share your journey into Motherhood.
All levels


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra (or Yogic Sleep) is a powerful relaxation technique. It is a deep guided meditation practice which creates an altered state of consciousness allowing the practitioner to relax and heal their being, expand their faculty of imagination, and enter into the realm of subconscious..
All levels


Meditation Mondays: Guided Meditation

A 30 minute guided meditation intended to get you connected, focused, and centered.  Find your breath . . .  find your bliss.
All levels / FREE class